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Teenager in the US. Love books and words. Comfy jeans and big t-shirts are amazing. Juggler, unicycler, skier. Lazy as heck.

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February 28, 2016


0 is running, trying to catch up but never able, not wanted and not needed.

1 is haughty, nose-in-the-air contempt for the world, no cares and no fears. 

2 is kind, gentle hands smoothing wrinkles and wiping tears, no hate and no envy.

3 is rash, quick to hurt and quicker to hate, no compassion and no love.

4 is quiet, doesn't want to talk but is filled with ideas, no words and no sound.

5 is funny, laughing with teeth and eyes, no jealousy and no sadness. 

6 is sudden, here and then not, no traces and no home. 

7 is slow, groggy in the morning and lethargic in the evening, no energy and no animation. 

8 is outspoken, words flowing easier than ideas, no inhibition and no tact. 

9 is cold, frigid heart and frozen mind, no emotion and no passion. 


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