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We're all made of stardust.
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Whispered dialogues.


February 21, 2019


"Move over a lil'."

"I can fall asleep like this."
"Yeah... Do you think we'll ever get back?"
"Don't worry. We will." 
"I don't want to leave."
"Mmm. I don't think I do either."

"It's pretty."

"Do you think mom's up there, somewhere?"
"Yeah. Yeah, she is."
"She'll swim in the milky way."
"Dance with the stars."
"Kiss the moon goodnight."
"Hey, mom." 

"Take my hand."
And so they clasped each other's hands, watching the sea of stars- their whispers of secrets and fluttering of lashes.


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  • luluwrites111

    :) :) Love this. Cute but also a deeper story within the lovely dialogue.

    6 months ago