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Icarus #ghostlycontest

By: Christy Wisdom


cross your heart and 
hope to fly
for if you don't
the sun will melt your
waxen dreams

and you'll fall down,
into the oceanic
of despair

so take the wings
you've made so carefully
and use them
it's too late. 

Message to Readers

I decided to tag this for the contest

Peer Review

the language and imagery is beautiful! i love all your poems! you some how find a way to twist words into something magical

i suggest that you go further in on this! this is a great poem, however is seems too short. i would love if you could dig deeper into the concept.

Reviewer Comments

i'm so sorry that i didn't submit this sooner. some unexpected things happened and i kept meaning to submit this review but just didn't get to it until today!