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Our Solar System

March 4, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

the Sun is tall and blinding
with fiery eyes and swirling hair
she exhales solar flares
and brings both life and death to her children

Mercury is like his mother
burning bright and molten
he circles swiftly on winged feet
inspiring those who listen
and dooming those who don’t

Venus is just as bright as her brother
full of passion and searing fire
a thick atmosphere mimics her twin sister’s
but a scalding death and poisonous breath
is what awaits those who get too close

Earth is the jewel of the family
harboring life in her belly
with liquid water and green plants
and inhabitants that look past the stars for answers

Mars is jealous of Earth
for he too once held liquid water
when Earth was still burning
but now he is cold and barren
and Earth’s inhabitants have reached farther than his ever did

a belt of hurtling rock separates Jupiter
as he fancies himself king of all
storms alive for centuries rage across his gut
any mark left unseen in a dense center

Saturn decorates himself with rings of ice
he exists as his own
time chronicled in his mind
while diamonds rain down on an insubstantial surface

Uranus reflects an icy blue
frozen insides creating his surprising beauty
yet he envies Earth like Mars
wanting her warmth and life

Neptune lives in a dream
imagining seas full of serpents and sailors
and epic battles waged over treasure
instead of sterile ice and clouds

last comes Pluto
orbiting alone
he looks after Earth’s dead
heralding those who deserve it
and punishing those who don’t


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