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Vow of Silence: Day One

February 20, 2019


Dear readers,
    This is the first log of my vow of silence. For those of you who don't know what this is, a vow of silence is when you refuse to speak and sometimes write to communicate with other people in any way. There are many different rules depending on why you are doing it. My rules are as follows:
1) No speaking or writing of any kind to communicate during the hours of 7:30-3:30 central. Singing does not count against talking, so long as I am not using it to communicate.
2) No texting to others at any time during these hours, but I can look at texts. 
3) I have ten mistakes of accidentally talking. After these ten I have to meditate for one hour for each additional mistake. This meditation will take place in my room, where no outside contact will occur and I will have no noise inside the room.\
    I made a few notecards in advance for my vow, ones to let people know what I'm doing and why. I am doing this for a reason. Vows of silence are a common thing that Buddhists take part in. It allows you to reflect on your everyday life and look at the things we take for granted. I have realised with only one day that talking is something I took for granted quite often. As soon as the ability to speak is removed, the brain starts trying to find other ways to communicate. 
    I have started doing charades and using sign language, although I will keep that to a minimum. I realise the challenges of this, especially with my teachers. I am still allowed to write for assignments and stuff (not technically communicating) and can talk before and after school, but that is it.
    I will be doing this for three weeks and will keep a daily journal of my findings. I will post these findings every day, so if you want to see where this goes, hit me up and I can keep you posted (tophatkoifish369@gmail.com). Write in the comments if you have tried this before or are interested in trying it. I encourage you all to try new and challenging things and, who knows, you might learn something out of it. If you do try something like this, let me know. I'm interested to see how other people do with this challenge. That's all for now. Buh-bye!


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  • weirdo

    i did a vow of silence on the Day of Silence(i'm straight, but i decided that it would be a good idea to support others in their struggle and show that i cared). my school was for the most part for very flexible about it. it was kinda hard cuz im a complete and total blabber mouth and one guy kept on making fun of me and calling me homophobic slurs (i may have kinda sorta punched him in the face :/) but i got through the day. it was also really hard because my English teacher, who everyone knew was a homophobic, kept on trying to call on me or other kids who were taking the vow of silence then got frustrated when we shook our head "no".

    about 1 year ago