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.audrey michelle.

United States

.im audrey.
.i stand by the cold is better than the hear :D.
.chat if ur bored... idk... im bored!!!!.

Message to Readers

im so flippin annoying

ask me some

February 21, 2019


yo yo yo yo YOOOO!!!

*giant airhorn plays*


this is why im the most annoying child on wtw...  im 2 yrs old :D


ask me some questions...

im bored and i wanna make yall wait for part 4 of "I Dare You" cuz im so nice *sarcastic*!!! :D

check out my ask the writer thingy:

i rlly dont feel like writing anything else, so...  ye!  we love cliffhangers, dont we???

but if theres any questions, ill answer 'em

love u guys :D



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  • .audrey michelle.

    love ur questions!!!!! yessssss!!!

    8 months ago
  • .audrey michelle.

    love ur questions!!!!! yessssss!!!

    8 months ago
  • weirdo

    if everyone in the world is about to die except for you and one person of your choice, who would you pick to survive?

    8 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Heyo, I've written one or two more poems :) Here's my questions for ya

    If you could choose a fantasy book's world to live in, which world would it be?
    What's your favorite genre to read (idk if I've asked this before)
    What's your favorite piece you've written on here?

    8 months ago
  • Quille

    What three colors would you use to describe your personality?
    What color is the sky where you are? (I know it's not just blue)
    What's your favorite element?
    Favorite breakfast food?
    Least favorite color?

    8 months ago