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Seeing a little girl walk by

February 20, 2019


Seeing a little girl walk by with her mother, I think about what that means to her. Whether that moment outside, for her, means freedom or a moment of odd melancholy and nostalgia. Whether it fills her with some sort of dread or an endless love. If we will remember this moment fondly in a book years later as Those little perfect moments outside with mommy or think of it with rage and sadness. I do not know what she will feel. I do not know the cause of her walking outside. But she may feel fear as she walks or have be the care-free little girl that fills stories with smiles and laughs.

Or perhaps she will forget of this. Her mind may disperse this in the folds of her memories, it will be eclipsed by more important moments.

For the little moments of life are the most significant... or the least.
I actually saw a girl walk by with her mother. Please don't sue me. XP This isn't sue-worthy, right? If it is, just tell me and I'll un-publish it. :P


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  • paperbird

    ack this is so sad, the second paragraph in particular. your words are simple but you portray this so well. great job!

    over 1 year ago
  • Queencey

    I think many people think like this but don't admit that

    over 1 year ago