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Book Review: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

February 19, 2019

    The moral of the end of this precious novel leaves me feeling special in the sense that I almost feel grateful for all that I have. The main character, Minli, chooses for her only question for the Old Man of the Moon to be if she can help her now well-known friend, Dragon, to live. It raises the question, “why?” Why would she choose to help a hurting friend instead of a hurting family? Seeing as the question was an unknown test of her loyalty, you can’t be sure what led her to do this. However, you can be sure she made the right choice as this leads to accomplishing a fortune that the rest of her small, poor town can rest on. This fortune is not just pure gold. The question turns the Fruitless Mountain into the Fruitful Mountain so that the town now thrives. I believe the dedication and journey she encounters makes her such a remarkable character and further reminds me how loyalty and determination may get you anywhere you wish to in life.
    The beauty of this is that it’s a simple tale that shows a girl with hopes to give her family a rich life, but the moral it leaves you within the end is something to remember. What I admired was that it represented that many people will accompany you on life journeys and if you serve them in return, you will gain satisfaction and possibly the fortune of a lifetime.
    In this story, the tale becomes truth. I appreciate how they applied the tale of the Jade Dragon searching for her son all along and once Minli reunites them, they become a family again. It’s really a heartwarming story that makes me appreciate family even more and the importance of it all. The creativity in this book is one to remember, with the beautiful illustrations that are spread throughout the book.
    Inspiration seemed to be key with the main character. The only reason Minli didn’t resort to being sad or miserable with her family’s fortune was because her father inspired her with stories and tales, and so she aspired to embark on her own journey. Even without the slightest bit of money, she wanted to buy the goldfish that seemed more than ordinary to her. Her parents were angry with her poor decision making because it left them with food that they couldn’t afford to share. If it weren’t for her buying the goldfish, she may never have come to the realization that she wanted to change the fate of her family.
    The part in the story where Minli comes to what seems like the very top of the never-ending mountain is possibly the most intriguing. What she discovers is these red pieces of string connecting people together in a room full of white. The representation of people’s fates being tied together by a piece of string was strong and it goes to show that fate may be true. However, this does not stop her from trying to change the future, and she definitely does.
    Minli and her family are strong characters that represent everything about a family with nothing. This taught me to enjoy the things I surround myself with, or better yet surround myself with the things I enjoy. The main character taught me to set out on journeys if I may not know what lies ahead. Happiness may, in fact, be a journey, not a destination.


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