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February 19, 2019

 The book I am talking about is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian this is a book by Sherman Alexie. it has a lot of dark humor and some depressing stuff in it but it is also motivational because you get to read about what he went thru and how he made it
So it is a great book for comedy and drama 
This book is from the point of  and Indian boy named Arnold and how he is in life 
The book starts with Arnold the main character talking about what happened to him when he was born he was born with fluid in his brain witch caused him to stutter and a lisp but he will tell you the rest.
He also talks about him and his friend rowdy and how long rowdys been there for him and protects. So he talks about how rowdy is the only reason he doesn’t get bullied more then he does.
Later in the book you can see how he gets bullied  by other people he was beaten up by three drunk teens but then rowdy comes and saves him
One day he gets mad and class and tries he tries to throw a book at the wall nut hit the teacher  and that’s probably one of  the greatest thing that have ever happened to him because mr.P the teacher came and talked to him about what both of them have done wrong but mr.P talks about how Arnold should just get of the reservation because there is no hope for Indians on the reservation. he was told to treat the Indians like there not people and how he shouldn’t of done that and how Arnold shouldn’t have thrown that book at him. After that Arnold got suspended from school. After that he tells his parents he wants to go to an all white school in reardan just to get of the reservation to get a better education and try to get s better life off the rez . his parents say yes he is aloud to go to the school. But a lot of people are unhappy with this choice the other Indians feel like they have been stabbed in the back. After going into this school 3 Indians beat him up for betraying him read the book to find out who it is. Later in the year Arnold tries out for the basketball team and he has  to play against a kid bigger than rowdy he is 6’6 but Arnold does well and then finds himself on the varsity basketball team witch is pretty cool for the first year in the school. But in one game he has to play against his old school witch mean he has to play with rowdy and that’s bad because there not to good of friends no more but guess who is roger is arnolds new best friend surprising because roger used to bully Arnold back to the game in the game the audience is throwing coins at him and one hits him in the head.
Near the end of the book someone close to Arnold dies causing him to go into depression witch is really said because he has been thru so much in the book 
That was a quick summary 
I think the characters are great they all have great personalitys you can get to feel them all and how there feeling in the story I think yall should read this book it is really good its got comedy and drama but like the perfect mix so go and try iy 


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