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Friendship, Loyalty, and Espionage a book review of ‘Code Name Verity’ by Andy Flores

February 19, 2019

A ‘Code Name Verity’ was written by Elizabeth E. Wein.  It was originally published on May 15, 2012. The story is told through two characters who are both best friends that are living through World War II.  The two main characters Julie and Maddie, love each other very much. It takes place in Nazi-occupied France during the late 1930s and early 1940s.  The book is in the historical fiction genre. The story is split in two; the first part is told through Julie's perspective while the second half is told through Maddie’s.  It can be said this book was made for young adults or older due to the story being about the incidents in Europe in World War II. There is also some swearing here and there and some scenes involving adult actions.  For example one character shoots her best friend. Therefore this book most likely will not appeal to readers younger than 7th grade. I think the author wrote this book because of the ideals of friendship. She tries to get the point across by telling the audience that you should always help your friends no matter the cost.
    My favorite scene is when Maddie tries to save Julie from the Nazis.  Though the operation fails and she is forced to make a horrific choice, she Maddie shows great courage and loyalty.  I don’t like this scene because of the actions the characters chose rather I enjoy the scene because of the levels of realism the characters possess.  I also think this is the best scene in the book because of the message and the powerful emotions in the scene. Although I’ve never had to make as horrific a choice as Maddie had to make, I can relate to this scene however.  It was when I sadly took my dog to the vet and my family had to make the choice of putting him down. We put him down because we loved him, and we knew that it would be the best for him so that he wouldn't have to suffer from his illness and face a slow and painful death.  The truth is I didn’t want to but I had to just like Maddie.
    I really enjoy the level of realism that the characters hold. They are not predictable, they are complex, but completely believable.  I also enjoy the facts surrounding that time period and historical events that the author uses because they are correct and they use the correct terminology.  I don’t enjoy that some characters are forgotten about easily and are never brought up or mentioned again. The story can seem a little confusing at first when you are only reading Julie’s part of the story, but it all comes together when you read the second part when read Maddie’s perspective of the same events. The story has a great plot twist as well near the end that will leave you thinking about their choices long after you finish reading.
    The theme of friendship and loyalty to one’s friends was present throughout the whole book. The reader is quickly drawn into the friendship of these two women and their struggles with being separated by the events of the war.  Anyone who enjoys a good book about friendship and loyalty as well as anyone who is interested in either spy stories or World War II stories would definitely enjoy this book. It would be great if you know a little bit of World War II history before you read this book although that is not needed as the book will still make sense.


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