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your enchanting ghost

one day!

February 19, 2019


one day! 
i will write a poem that will win 100 awards
you will stain your hands red with pen
trying to dissect every stanza 
and you will never stop wondering
what lines are about you 

one day!
i will sing a song that will play on every radio station
you will pull out your hair 
trying to get the melody out of your head
and no matter how hard you try to pretend 
you will recite the lyrics in your sleep

one day! 
i will move to the moon and start a cafe
you will become nocturnal
always trying to catch the shadow of me 
and every night you will fall asleep to the taste of coffee like
the pull of a tide you are afraid to touch

one day!
i will donate enough blood
until i am always under your skin

one day! 
i will break your heart
after building you one

one day! 
i will be the beginning to the end of the world
and you will stand in the middle of it all

one day!
one day!

one day! 



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1 Comment
  • paperbird

    this is lovely. i especially like the line about donating blood; it's simply perfect.

    almost 2 years ago