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A Dog's Journey: The Heart-Wrenching Story of a Dog's Love for his Owner

February 19, 2019

A Dog’s Journey, written by W. Bruce Cameron is a sequel to another of Cameron’s books, A Dog’s Purpose. A Dog’s Journeyoverviews the journey of a dog and his owner. The dog’s journey is living multiple lives as different dogs in order to be there for his owner. This book is incredibly charming and sweet in the way it portrays the dog’s loyalty to his owner. He lives his life as one dog, and works most of his young years to find his owner once again. 
            Dog owners have all experienced the love and heartbreak that comes with having a furry friend. Though their life is filled with happiness and love, when it comes to an end it truly hurts. This story portrays this time through the dog’s point of view. He continuously is born as a new dog, finds the same owner again, and has to go through losing them every single time. This book has never failed to bring tears to my eyes as the tone of nostalgia continues throughout the book. 
            I could definitely recommend this to a gentle reader. By gentle reader I mean someone that is not fully indulged in the literary world as they might not find this book a good read. This book is very casual and straight forward and there aren’t very many clues or holes to delve into. This may upset some readers, as the book is simply telling a story that is easy to understand. This book is wonderful, charming, sweet, and a great read though there is not much to analyze here. 
            The reader, I believe, can truly connect to the author and characters in this book. The author provides us all with the sad reality of owning a dog through its perspective and it’s a truly interesting read. The author also writes in a way that allows us to connect to not only the dog but his owner throughout the book. Dog owners can all recognize the highs and lows that come with owning a dog, as well as the humor that comes with writing a book through a dog’s perspective. 
            If this book sounds interesting enough, it really is. The author shows the dog’s innocence throughout the book when he is a puppy. For example, showing him falling down, stumbling, wanting food and nibbling on couches. He then grows and it shows him interacting in different areas with different people and in different positions. Not only is he born as different types of dogs, he’s born into different households. He’s born into one where he needs to be hidden, one where he is a police dog, one where he is a loved family pet, and many others. This continues and his life cycle is shown differently for each breed and each family he is born into. I love this book for its charm and its way of showing these different stages of life and breeds of dog in a humorous way. 
            Not many books are capable of bringing tears to my eyes, though this one did. I was able to connect on a personal level to the owner losing his dog and going through the course of this journey multiple times. A Dog’s Journeyis truly a moving book and it leaves you wanting to read it over and over again. I would definitely recommend it to those who love a simple, heartfelt read that can help them clear their mind at night. I would also recommend that whoever wants to read this book reads A Dog’s Purposefirst. These books intertwine wonderfully in a way that warms your heart and makes you want your furry friend by your side. 


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