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Do you like what you are reading? Let me know, I am anxious about what I put out there.

give in for today

February 21, 2019


I can hear my heartbeat-
no, I can feel it.
I have urge to shake my feet.
My ears are itching
like hundreds soldiers fights inside of my skin.
My stomach burns.
You think, "did I eat onions
or am I anxious?"
because they leave a similar feeling on your tounge.
I feel like i radiate bad thoughts around
I lose the feeling in my guts.
It rises from beneath 
Depresion is an evil I can never defeat. 
What is the point?
So I hail the devil once again
staying inside of my bed,
feeling my back pain 
and my eyes tired.
I should probably sleep
and give in.

Because I have tomorrow to fight
I am just tired tonight.

Hey. I just feel today I let anxiety and depression to hug me and it is okay! It is actually not but I know that I am going to be better tomorrow. I just have to get this day through. I am probably going to publish this another day because I published too many today but just wanted to say stay safe and do not forget; you are not alone. 


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