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Broken like the new China Vase lying on the sheath
Broken like my heart
Broken like my soul

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Hey Guys!! Remember my story "Crumple Horned Snorcack"?? So... Madison Burgess( she's awesome...check her out) suggested me to continue the story and here I am, with the first chapter of FY. Please drop in any reviews . Dont forget to tune in to the next chapter:)

Forever Yours( a Nuna/ Druna Fanfiction) Chapter 1

August 1, 2019


King's Cross Station was as crowded as ever. Several small children stood gaping at the solid barrier , while their mother continued blabbering last minute instructions to them , 
"... and be careful and clear out of the way of Peeves. Dont try to mess with him...."
A dirty blonde haired girl stood gaping at the family with unusual curiosity, listening so intently to the lady's speech that she did not even notice the tall dark haired boy  waving to her.
"Hi Luna!! Had good holidays??"

She looked around in astonishment , and simultaneously, a beautiful smile brightened up her pale face , as she waved back to him.
"Hey Nevile!! "

As they pushed their trolleys directly at the solid barrier ( after the mother had finished giving her lecture, and the children were safely inside the solid barrier) , they found themselves, a second later, standing on platform nine and three quarters , where the scarlet Hogwarts Express stood belching steam over the crowd.

" we are!!" said Neville as he smiled brightly at the Scarlet train....the carrier to Hogwarts...Hogwarts...his school...
"Lets get goin- what are you doing Luna??"
He turned around in surprise to see Luna running off to a nearby vendor ( he could tell that it was running at a loss) which was selling Quibblers. As the girl came running back, he gave his hand to her." What was that for?? Your dad's the editor , isn't he?? You already have the recent -"
"No no no- actually THAT edition is pretty deep inside my trunk- and I need something to keep my company on the train-"
Laughing amiably at the girl, Neville helped her with her trunks as they slowly got into the train. Suddenly there was a whistle behind and the doors were closed. Neville looked around to see a  black haired boy with green eyes, who was being surrounded by mesmerised girls. "Hi Harry!"
"Neville!" said Harry in relief , turning to see the round faced boy struggling towards him.
"Hello Harry." said Luna, who was clutching the magazine to her chest; large letters on the front announced that there was a pair of free spectrespecs inside.
"The Quibbler still going strong then?"
asked Harry, with an air of fondness for the magazine, having given it an exclusive interview the previous year.
"Oh yes, circulation's well up." said Luna in a tone of delight.

As they walked through the crowd, they noticed that most of the students were shamelessly staring at Harry- no- not only Harry- they were even staring at Neville and Luna.
"You were in the Ministry too...weren't you." Harry explained to Neville when he told his thoughts to him.
"Our little adventure there was all over the Daily Prophet, you must've seen it."

As they finally found an empty compartment- much to Harry's relief- 
Luna seated herself on the window seat, as Neville hoisted his trunk into the luggage rack.
"Are we still doing DA meetings this year, Harry?" she asked .
"No point now we've got rid of Umbridge , is there?" said Harry sitting down. Neville bumped his head against the seat as he emerged from under it. He looked most disappointed.
"I liked the DA! I learned loads with you!"

"I enjoyed the meetings too." said Luna serenely. "It was like having friends."

Neville looked at Luna ,her large misty eyes now covered with the multicoloured spectrespecs, were gaving her the effects of a multicoloured owl. He had never looked into those eyes , like he had done today...and today , he had sensed some mysterious sadness .... a deep feeling of eternal loneliness in them. He smiled sympathetically as he slowly  placed his palm over Luna's .

"You do have friends Luna... maybe not too many...but the ones you have...are the ones who would stay alongside you for life."


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  • Quille

    Nevile and Luna are soo perfect for each other!! Great job with this :DDDD

    8 months ago