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you and your sweetie. (Warning: family drama and swearing)

February 27, 2019


i got your message
about how you love me,
how you think
i remind you of someone.
And i laughed out loud.
Did you thought the same
when you talked behind of the person i cared?
How did you forget
that you mentioned your "love of life" around me
after he lied,
after he told lies about things that didn't happen
and trashed me behind my back
and after you believed
every word he said?
Don't you remember
how you tried to change me
through people in my family?
Don't you remember
that you hurt my sister,
my father,
my mother?
I guess you forgot. 
But you know what?
I remember. 
And my life has been better
after i blocked you
from my life.
I accepted who i am,
the one who you tried to change.
I got closer with my friends
and talked more with my family.
I am stronger 
than you could ever be.
So fuck you 
and your lies
and your beliefs
and your show offs
and your idea of a family
where people are so forgiven
even how shitty you are. 
fuck you auntie. 
fuck you and your "sweetie".
sorry that there are lots of swearing and drama included, i didn't want to use metaphors for this one and i wanted it to be straightforward. I am sorry if it is mean or bad. I just had to get this off my chest.


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