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February 18, 2019

Deciding between right and wrong is a choice we all face daily. Have you ever had to decide between making money doing something illegal? The book Runner, by Carl Deuker, has a very current topic yet the main character, Chance, faces the ages old dilemma of right versus wrong on a much grander scale. With an exciting plot and interesting characters, Runner will not allow you to put it down. The lure of what happens next to Chance will entice you to keep reading.

Runner’s story-line keeps your interest right always. The plot involves the character of Chance Taylor, a boy living with his Dad on a boat in Seattle, Washington. His home life is far from perfect; his dad has a drinking problem, his mother is absent from his life, and he lives in poverty. Chance is given the opportunity to make easy money by running packages for men, he doesn’t really know. He accepts this offer and soon realizes that he may be involved of an illegal activity. 

By contrasting , he creates two diverse main characters. Chance comes from a life of poverty but his best friend, Melissa, lives a privileged life. Interest is created on how they each view life. This contrast causes each to be faced with different problems but solve them by his or her lifestyle. Melissa faces the problem of getting into Stanford. Compared to Chances problem of battling poverty and trying to survive, Melissa’s issues seem mild. Differences are found in these two characters, but they come together and rely upon each other in desperate times. Because the setting takes place in Seattle, Washington, in modern day time, it is easy to comprehend the text. The style of the book makes it believable because it is written in first person. The story is told in the voice of Chance, the main character.

The main theme found throughout this book include the contrast between his actions and thoughts . Chance chooses to do what is wrong, by running the mysterious packages for quick money. He knows that it is wrong but because he lives in poverty, his decision for quick money is understandable. The theme in this book is good versus evil due to the fact It is hard for many people to do what is right in the long run when the immediate result of doing what is wrong has better immediate results. Runner will make you think about the decisions that Chance makes and ask yourself if you would make the same decision. 

The book Runner has very curious characters. It is thought provoking because in the end, Chance makes another life altering decision. He has an opportunity to live a life of luxury, but he chooses to keep proving himself and live on his own. While this book does not have a fairy tale ending, Runner is a great book for anyone that enjoys suspense.


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