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A Short Contest #standalonedialogue

February 19, 2019


This contest is a really easy one! I probably won't get many submissions, but that's okay!

Prompt: Stand alone dialogue! This is very easy to write and can convey a big message with it. You are not allowed to include anything in your piece besides dialogue. No speaker tags. No description around the dialogue. JUST DIALOGUE! You will be asked to change your piece if there is anything besides dialogue.

Word Count: At least twenty words and no more than seventy. 

Genre: Any type you want! 

Examples: Hair Die and We're All Weak. Both of the examples are comedy, but remember that you can use any genre that you want!

Deadline: Thursday, February 28th. However, this may be subject to change depending on how many submissions I get!

Prizes (Isn't that all what any of us are here for?):
1st Place: 4 reviews (two your choice, two my choice), 10 likes (five your choice, five mine) and a follow (if I'm not following you already)
2nd Place: 2 reviews (one your choice, one my choice), 8 likes (four your choice, four mine) and a follow (if I'm not following you already)
3rd Place: 1 review (your choice), 6 likes (three your choice, three mine) and a follow (if I'm not following you already)
And, because each and everyone one of you guys are wonderful writer, every participant will get two likes from me!

Profanity is allowed. However, please don't overdue it!
Please in the hashtag #standalonedialogue in the title of your piece in order for me to find it. And, although it's not required, it would be helpful if you provide a link in the comments section of this in order for me to find it easier.
I will republish this everyday up until the deadline has passed as to remind you guys!
Hope you all have fun with this!
If you have any questions are comments, please tell me in the comments section of this!

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  • Anha

    fun contest!

    8 months ago
  • LittleWolf

    Here is my addition: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/104243/version/197734

    8 months ago