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random shoutout to 2 people :D

By: .audrey michelle.



this is just a random shoutout to 2 ppl here on wtw!

the 1st is a new writer, who has 1 follower (so far and as of 2/18/19 and 6:07 EST) but i read 2 poems and absolutely LOVED them :D  go check out @Annabela and follow her!  i loved two of her pieces "A Brush of Hair" and "None but Me."  please go read, like, comment, and follow her and her work!

the 2nd writer is prolly one of the most relatable writers (yall are relatable, but i just find her to be relatable) and i love her writing and talking ab random stuff :D  go check out @Jae and follow her!  i love her poems because they r so cool and her titles are awesome!  like, read, comment, and follow her and her work!


that was random, but i kinda wanted to do that cuz y not :D

ima do more shoutouts tho!  dont worry :D


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me being nice

Peer Review

I didn't expect a random shout out (even though it was in the title)

What are some good pieces from @Jae?

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Nice information!