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Lillie Lopez is a 15 year old author from Houston, Texas. She loves playing with dogs and wants to be a plastic surgeon ;). She goes to Clear Falls Highschool and is in love poems.

You Are The Everything

February 18, 2019

    You Are The Everything is a book that will make you appreciate every aspect of life. It is most definitely a very meaningful book but also has many comical moments. This book is a good read for anyone who is interested about teenage romance and mental recovery. There is a lot of sad moments, but the progression of happiness will make you never want to stop reading. The thoughts the characters express is the most intriguing thing about this book, but the plot is no dissapointment.
    This book explains how teenage girl, Elyse Schmit, has always been fascinated by the ways of death. On the way to a school to trip in Colorado, she gets involved in a horrible plane crash. Ironically, the only two survivors out of 255 classmates from school, is her and her high school crush. As sole survivors, they are bound to fall in love and connect on a deep level, while also battling social media rumors and attempts to make them celebrities. Overall, they learn how to cope with trauma in their life and how to live without the people who they tragically lost in the accident.
    This quick but drawn out plot serves as an emotionally growing story. The plot of this book is showing how fast everything in life can change. This focus shows you how to accomplish two aspects. The first aspect is coping with problematic trauma in life, and the second is appreciating every part of it while it is still present. While Elyse loses her best friend, the author focuses in on her grief from the loss. This part of the story is serving you the first aspect, coping with problematic trauma in life, and the second aspect, appreciating every part of life while it is still present.
    The most successful thing I think the author accomplished in this piece was showing the idea that a good plot doesn't mean it is a good story. The author incorporated the characters expressive feelings and dialogue to where as if you were living the story, while also showing an outstanding plot. The author goes into full extent on how Elyse feels about her losses in the story and her coping mechanisms on how to be normal with a healthy mentality again. Elyse suffers from very bad anxiety attacks. In the story, the author does an outstanding job of showing her fear and sadness about anxiety through dialogue. The author many times also expresses Elyses love for Josh. I thought the author did a very outstanding job by basing the story title on a line of dialogue. In the book it states, "After everything we have been through Josh, I never thought we would become this close. But now, you are the everything." The overall explanation through tone of how meaningful everything is to Elyse, really points out his great dialogue and plot usage between Elyse's thoughts and Josh.
    I read this book after explaining to my teacher how fasciated I am with teenage romance. She recommended me this book and I could not put it down after that! This book can help anyone who is struggling with mental issues and is going through the mindset that life does not get better. This book shows you that every pain is temporary, and if you have faith in yourself anything can get better. This book also showed me that you find love when you are not looking for it. My favorite thing about You Are The Everything is how throughout all of the depressing moments, he still incorporated comical dialogue and tone to balance out the read.


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