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your enchanting ghost

summer love

February 18, 2019


the first girl i've ever kissed: 
she was called maya but in my head i named her summer. we laid each other bare under the rising sun with dock underneath us and i didn't know my name was actually a gentle one until she whispered it over and over like the start of a song no one ever wants to miss. she was a creator by nature and i a poet - together, our tongues molded everything into something beautiful. kissing her was kissing a sun too brilliant to bear and yet again and again i asked to be melted. (i guess that is what love is.) by the end of the summer i knew everything good started with her eyes and ended with her touch and was interrupted with lavender and laughter. the last night, we braided each other's hair and stayed up late enough to watch the sun rise.

later i would write five poems about her freckled skin and the curve of her legs and her rose-hip lips. later i would pull brown strands out of a hairbrush and hold them up to my cheek when the moon streaming through my window wasn't anything like the sun. later i would write another poem and call her the only first kiss that has ever mattered. 

this is semi-confessional. my first time kissing a girl was similar but not quite as poetic as i've made it out to be. this is my official application to the lovely wlw society on wtw. pls accept lol!! 


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  • Anha

    oof, this is so incredibly soft i can't;;
    your application has been processed and wait - what's this? - hmm, seems you're already a member? XD
    love this like i love all of your stuff, keep doing you <3

    over 1 year ago
  • luluwrites111

    OKay so thIs iS amazing and what I want my first kiss to be!

    almost 2 years ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    so so gorgeous, wow, my gay heart is exploding.

    almost 2 years ago
  • LittleWolf

    this is beautiful

    almost 2 years ago