February 18, 2019

To every young lady who has never read a book; tailored with femininity, coated with challenges, and supported by humor - here's my advice to you. Go buy yourself a copy of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Written by Sophie Kinsella, this has been my best purchase yet. I first came across my copy of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in an old bookstore, during the summer. I kept this book for an additional three years, next to my biology and math binders, up on my bookshelf until I graduated high school. I pulled it out one day and began reading. Well, that was it. For someone who has not personally experienced the real world yet; this book helped me navigate my way through a fictional life that is no different than reality. The life of Becky Bloomwood. Raised as an only child in England, Becky works as a financial journalist while living alongside her best friend, Suze. Life is normal. Following a standard routine of typing up articles on banking and investments, and of course there's the occasional purchase of shampoo from Boots. And the suit at Jigsaw. Oh and who can forget the white shirt at Next! Becky does not only love shopping. She's addicted, thus giving her the title of "shopaholic". But with every addiction, comes consequences. Soon, she desperately tries out alternative ways to cut back or make more money to pay those overdue VISA bills. Not to mention the serious excuses she comes up with to avoid a meeting with her bank manager. But attempt after attempt, she fails to improve her situation. The lying continues, and so does the desperation. Each turn in her life enhances the overall suspense of the novel. Becky tries dating her best friend's cousin, Tarquin. Weird in every way possible, Tarquin surprisingly is a millionaire and what better way to payoff one's bills than through making connections? Sadly, her forced love and determination does not assist her. But another opportunity pops up and Luke Brandon, owner of PR company Brandon Communications, begins to bond with her through shopping! Yet it's too good to be true and so, Luke reveals his girlfriend. Tired, furious and hopeless, Becky escapes to her old life at her parent's house, that in comparison to reality is imaginary. To the real world she has vanished with no trace. She wants a break from everything, from everyone. Nonetheless, this getaway opens her eyes to a disloyal performance done by Flagstaff Life, client of Brandon Communications, that has left families sorrowful. Gathering her courage and effort, Becky writes an article exposing the "Money Men" in the Daily World newspaper. This becomes her 'big-break' and the reason she is invited to a television interview on Morning Coffee. However, this interview becomes a confrontation between Becky and the whole of Brandon Communications. Trembling with fear, she faces Luke: the same man she had playfully bonded with before but who had deceived her by claiming to have a girlfriend. The irritation and feelings she has for the families betrayed by Flagstaff Life, powers her argument and convinces Luke he is wrong. The novel ends off with Becky becoming a success and now having her own phone-in component on the Morning Coffee show, and yes, she and Luke end up on good terms. This novel is the first to its series and nevertheless, the best of its companions. After finishing this book, I felt a type of sadness to part with this character and her life. Of course I continued reading the entire series that, without any spoilers, is very adventurous, humorous, and filled with excitement. So to all young ladies walking into the real world, go buy youselves a copy of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". 
All the specific points/details mentioned in my writing, such as "the suit at Jigsaw" or "overdue VISA bills", are taken from the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella.


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