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Message to Readers

Finally published! I hope it was worth the wait. Sorry it took so long.

To the Winners

March 3, 2019


    AJ-Izzy - Honorable Mention
Quixotic thinking was fatal that day.

Lissie - 3rd place
A hand pressed firmly against the glass.  It was a thin, feminine hand, gloved in black leather, its tense silhouette stark against the blue glow of the monitors within.  

    Quille - 2cnd place
don't you know how i've longed
    to lock all obstructions in destruction?
    to scatter all resistance, every obstacle 
    like bats before the dawn?
    to avenge the utter injustice?
    you are blind
    yet you believe you see
    my heart...ah,
    what is my heart to you?
    Let your memory linger in oblivion a little longer, 
    But know that I am coming to save it.

    Christy Wisdom - 1rst place
    SE:  Whistling Blade.  One of the finest assassins in the market.  We have need of your unique skills.
    WB:  Again?
    SE:  Again.
    WB:  I'm getting tired of cleaning up after your messes, agent.
    SE:  As long as you get paid, what does it matter to you?
    WB:  A man likes a little variety now and then.  But, you are right.  Variety takes a backseat to cash.  What do you have for me this time? 
    SE:  We've been intercepting messages from one of your countrymen to our most illustrious soldier.  You understand my meaning?
    WB:  Yes, yes, yes, another employer of mine has been looking for an excuse to get rid of that snoop as well.  Where is my target and what do you want me to do with it?
    SE:  I want you to kill it, Blade.  I don't care how.  Just as long as it's fast.  I'm sending you your target's coordinates, and transcripts of its messages.
    WB: I shall charge my usual rate.  Good day, Silent Eye, it is always a pleasure doing business with you.
    SE:  Over and out.
    You're interesting.  To me.  Did anyone ever tell you that?  But it's true.  Your personality , your actions, your words...even the way you move.   My mother says I treat the world and everything in it like a puzzle.  Is that true? Is it right?

    D3ar [REDACTED], 
    How is lif3 for you? I know it must b3 wi3rd to r3c3iv3 odd m3ssag3s from who knows who.  
    B3ar with m3.  I n33d to t3ll you som3thing.  Not now, though.  Lat3r.  
    What is hidd3n can b3 r3v3al3d.

    You n3v3r gav3 m3 a chanc3 to prov3 mys3lf to you.  I know, you'r3 busy, and it's b33n a long war.  I just can't h3lp thinking - how much short3r could it hav3 b33n?  Wh3n do3s th3 bloodsh3d 3nd? 
    You'r3 th3 fulcrum th3 pivot th3 foundation th3 priz3

    Hi.  Sorry about th3 poor grammar in my last.  I was in a hurry.  Things w3r3 a bit dic3y's a war, you know? No tim3 for good grammar.  ;)  You know, I b3t no on3's 3v3r put an 3moji in any of the m3ssag3s th3y s3nt to you.  I wond3r if you 3v3n know what it m3ans.
    Do you know you'r3 th3 fulcrum?  I told you that last tim3.  I wish I could hav3 3xplain3d.  You n33d3d to know that in your last battl3.  I gu3ss that's why I'm 3xplaining it to you now, right?  No tim3 lik3 th3 pr3s3nt. (Forgiv3 m3, I rambl3 lik3 I hav3 no on3 to talk to but mys3lf - which is th3 cas3.  I'll t3ll you why lat3r - p3rhaps.)
    You ar3 th3 fulcrum.  Th3 war pivots in your should3rs.  In my opinion, it could hav3 no firm3r foundation.  But, I am not h3r3 to dish out idl3 compl3m3nts.
    Hang on. I h3ard som3thing.   

    Hello again.  I'm getting so tired of being interrupted.  Listen, that sniper in your last mission?  On the cliff?  That was me.  I'm glad I could save you.  
    Listen to me.  You don't know me.  Not in the least little bit.  You did once, but I've changed so much since then that it doesn't count.  You trusted me then.  How much do you trust yourself from ten, fifteen years back? 
    If war is a lock, you are the key .  If war is a tide, you are the moon..  If war is a song, you are the chorus.  If war is a bomb, you are the detonator.  Whoever has you controls this war.  They don't need your loyalty; they just need you.  That's why I'm out here, all alone.   To make sure you stay in control of yourself.  That you stay free.
    Stay free, ok?  I don't want to die.

    h3y!  look who got caught!  don't worry, just play along.  you'll b3 fin3.

    D3ar [REDACTED],
    W3ll, that w3nt w3ll.  You'r3 saf3, and so is your t3am.  Th3 oth3r guys?  Not so much.  But who car3s for th3 oth3r guys, right?  If w3 did, war would n3v3r hav3 3xist3d.  
    I watch3d as you w3r3 form3d.  Through a window - mor3 of a pi3c3 of glass b3tw33n you and m3.  
    I don't 3v3n know why I brought that up.  So, l3t's talk tactics.  I lov3 tactics.  Put th3s3 guys h3r3, put thos3 guys th3r3, draw thos3 idiots into th3 trap, and anihilat3 th3m.  R3ality isn't as fun.  Anyway, you n33d to...
    What am I thinking? 

    Hi.  So, I n33d3d to take som3 tim3 off, but I figur3d out what I'm doing.  I'm saving th3 world by making sur3 you'r3 around to sav3 th3 world.  Indir3ct, but still good.   Basicly, I'm 3l3cting mys3lf your p3rsonal guardian spirit.  I'm not going to li3.  I was t3mpt3d not to giv3 you this h3ad's up.  It's...p3rsonal.  And it's bad mann3rs to t3ll a warrior that h3 can't watch his back - no - tactl3ss, to t3ll a warrior you think h3 n33ds h3lp watching his back.  3ith3r way - it was hard.  But I think it was worth it.  
    By th3 way, I'v3 got a l3ad on that Tarsan Zin guy you w3r3 chasing.  H3's hol3d up in th3 back of a bar on Calimus.  I'v3 attach3d a fil3 with r3l3vant d3tails.

    Dear [REDACTED],
    I'm glad that l3ad work3d out for you.  Hon3tly, I'm surpris3d your sup3riors hav3n't crack3d down on our littl3 party y3t.  Giv3 th3m an 3xtra toothy grin from m3, would ya? 

    DAEMON:  Hey, [REDACTED], what's up?
    FULCRUM:  Who are you?
    DAEMON:  Just shut up and listen, ok?  I don't have a lot of time.  I've always searched for truth.  That's why I'm unpopular even in my home country.  Your superiors gave my people details on where I've been operating, and my people tracked me down in return.  But they can't stop you.
    FULCRUM: Hang on there.  I can't just - turn on my country!
    DAEMON: Do you want the truth about who you are and just how quickly you can end this war, or do you want to just putter along in ignorance? Ugh, they're breaking through the door.  It doesn't matter.  I'll send you coordinates so you can see for yourself.  If I can make it out of here alive, I'll buy you some time and then meet you there.  
    FULCRUM: Wait, what do you mean, if you make it? 
    DAEMON: You think these guys are using pepper spray?  Don't worry.  I've got this.
    FULCRUM: I'll come and help you.  Just send me your coordinates - 
    DAEMON: I didn't risk my life so that you would come and save me when I had a flash of self-doubt, I risked my life in the hopes that it would pay off in the lives you would save!  I am not dying here today, ok?  Sending you coordinates.  Over and out.
I can't tell you how many times I erased everything I had written in that last story!  It's nice to have finished this project, though.  Congratulations again to the winners!


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  • Silver Pen

    I am pleased that you are pleased. :)

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  • Quille

    That is so awesome!!! You used the words so cleverly & I loved reading those :DDDD

    10 months ago
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    This is so cool! Loved them all, thanks for the mention :D

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  • Christy Wisdom

    Woah. That story you wrote for me leaves me speechless. Absolutely beautiful storytelling, and an engrossing storyline. Thanks so much!

    10 months ago