Peer Review by RockSugar98 (Singapore)

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Sounds of the City

By: AprilStorms

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

The pulsing hum of motors; the sharp beep of a pedestrian walk light. A harmonious cacophony of sounds flows onto my eardrums. All encompassing, the wind acting as a messenger but still having its own voice heard. And causing reactions to all they touch: a scuttle of leaves running across the pavement, a snap of branches against a building, a cry of a person who has lost their hat as payment to the messanger wind. A mixture of bold honks and subtile rings of the phone in the pocket of my jeans. I don't pick up, but I listen. Listen to the sounds of the city.

Peer Review

Your usage of sound related adjectives and their marvelous combination is sans pareil. I imagined myself in the heart of a city reading this piece and I enjoyed your serenity and poise to enjoy and immerse yourself in the mixture of sounds that people would usually consider as noise pollution. Your alternate perspective suggests the sounds of the city are a symphony and not a nuisance.

There's a wave of calm and serenity from this piece--every little element makes up something larger than itself like a jigsaw puzzle. I can see from this piece you really appreciate the city, both its flaws and its beauty.

I especially like your second line where you described the wind as a messenger but having its own voice heard. This is my new favorite line. The imagination infused into this sentence give it a soul of its own.

Reviewer Comments

What an excellent piece! I love your imagination intricately weaved into your short-and-sweet piece. I love how all the elements in the metropolis are described seperately then put together, creating a functional entity in my mind. Also, I have enjoyed your description of the wind to the utmost, especially how it criss-crosses the city and breathes life into everything it touches. Perhaps you may want to take more care on spelling ["messenger" and "subtile": though accepted, the more common spelling is "subtle]. Overall, wonderful piece! Kudos to you on a beautiful write!