Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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Sounds of the City

By: AprilStorms

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

The pulsing hum of motors; the sharp beep of a pedestrian walk light. A harmonious cacophony of sounds flows onto my eardrums. All encompassing, the wind acting as a messenger but still having its own voice heard. And causing reactions to all they touch: a scuttle of leaves running across the pavement, a snap of branches against a building, a cry of a person who has lost their hat as payment to the messanger wind. A mixture of bold honks and subtile rings of the phone in the pocket of my jeans. I don't pick up, but I listen. Listen to the sounds of the city.

Peer Review

Your imagery I think is your greatest strength in this piece.

A listening kind-of voice. Peaceful. Open. They made it not about the character, but about many, MANY characters, and yet you still left the window not all the way open, letting a wonderful breeze in.

The magical, fleeting beauty in this piece is ravishing. The language used really made the story come alive.

Reviewer Comments

This is an ice cream-licking, eye-tearing piece. The imagination you poured into your story really set it on fire! I love how you made everything so real, like you could feel that breeze, hear that sound, and smell that aroma.