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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

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I really liked to play the piano as a kid, but I stopped when people started telling me I needed to get a technical music education. So I abandoned it, and only recently did I start trying to pick it up again.

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February 17, 2019


I'm sorry I gave up on you.

We were very close when I was younger. We pushed each other. I worked hard to get to know you, and slowly, like a scroll unfurling, you and all your secrets opened up to me. You were my blessed partner, and everyone told me that I should never let go of you. I never thought I would.

And then I changed.

Doing what I was told was never my forte', but they told me that our relationship wasn't enough anymore. I would need to change, or it would never work. Unless I did, my priorities were off and I should be focusing on what actually mattered. A childlike sense of wonder and appreciation wouldn't get me anywhere; I should be focusing on something tangible, like math and grades and other things with concrete answers.

I lost you.

I told myself that I outgrew you, and that I had something better to do. Occasionally you would slip back into my mind, and I would try and sit and talk with you, but that old magic was just never there. We were both too far removed, and knowing that it was my fault made me want to avoid you all the more. 

I'm trying to find you again.

My fingers are covered in papercuts from endless graphs and my hands are clumsy from lack of practice. I'm trying to recover that sense of closeness we once had, but you were always stubborn. I don't blame you. I'm the one who left.

I really hope I can regain your trust again someday. You're worth it.


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  • Ruthh

    This is so poignant!!

    over 1 year ago