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#bigcolor White

By: Christy Wisdom


white are the piano keys
that my fingers dance upon
every note i press down
gives life to the empty oblivion
of the air
though possessing none

spaced between the black sharps and flats
the stark keys stand out from the 
darkness of the piano
yet their notes capture attention
more than their color
and the swiftness with which they can be played
is more praised than their glossy sheen

and so the white rectangles produce
a melody
gentle and flowing as the summer breeze
and beautiful as the winter sky

but the white keys themselves
are not praised
though they are life-givers,
they go unheeded
for it is not the keys that people
care for the most
it is the melody that can flow from them

so though they give life to the
empty oblivion
of the air
they yet possess none

Peer Review

i really love this. your imagery is so beautiful. I know nothing about piano but this poem still speaks to me!

This is already really good. Maybe you could add a little more details including your color. I marked a place in the margins where you could do that!

Reviewer Comments

I have a feeling that you will win the contest! I'm working on an entry, but it sucks. :/
I'll review your other piece later today.