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Why Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a Must-Read

February 18, 2019

    How would you describe a dragon egg, if you were from a poor farming village in the mountains? Would you say it is similar to “hardened silk”, perhaps, or that “nature had never polished a stone as smooth as this”? In Eragon, a fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini, a 15 year old farm boy and hunter named Eragon espies the “both beautiful and frightening” egg in the middle of a scorched glen. Little does he know how much this rare stone of sapphire coloring will irreversibly change his life, and with that, the reader’s as well. Eragon’s story begins when he believes that this “stone”, however strange, will at least buy his poverty-stricken family enough food to last the week. But as he goes from trader to trader in an attempt to sell it away, Eragon becomes increasingly suspicious of the indestructible stone and its strange properties. By the next day, the scaly creature that emerges out of its cerulean casing confirms Eragon’s suspicions. The highly intelligent dragon hatchling furnishes Eragon’s hand with a gedwëy ignasia, or a silvery scar, as the dialect original to this novel called “The Ancient Language” terms it as. Thus, an irrevocable bond of mind and body is forged into existence, and Eragon becomes a magical Dragon Rider of a centuries-aged legend.
    Additionally, this story of an adolescent boy and his fire-breathing companion questing through their tyrannized country of Alagaësia for revenge is cause enough to see the world in a new perspective. And with the effort put into this 500 page novel to draft it as not only great, but remarkable, is easily seen throughout and is noticeably astounding. A true work of authorial beauty in itself, Paolini was exceptionally thorough in the composition of Eragon. Moreover, he created the structure and vocabulary of three differing and original languages, produced simply for the greater enjoyment of the reader. There is no way to even attempt at counting the aggregates of figurative language phrases compiled all through. Furthermore, as pepperoni to this novel pizza, Paolini integrated countless amounts of different cultures, from the life of a poor farmer, to a wealthy merchant, to a dauntless rebel kingdom. And overall, Eragon teaches the importance of deciding on the virtuous choice over the evil one, with the underlying theme being that love is the driving force of the world. Love drove Eragon to avenge his adopted father’s death, it drove him to save his village by leaving it, and love gave Eragon a beautiful bond with his sapphire dragon. Although love may not always drive us to induct on choosing the right decision, it gives meaning to our lives, whether it be the love of philia (friendship), eros (intimacy), or of storge (family). Through Eragon, I was given cause to realize that the love of companionship is just as critical, if not more so, as the love between significant others and kindred. And unlike many other works of this make, Paolini’s publication sings of the importance of friendship along with intimacy, a refreshing breath of fresh air from all the novels reading of the inevitable falling-in-love cliché. While not only focusing on stereotypical bloodshed and battled, the painting of heartbreak, betrayal, loss, and love gives wise depth to the story line and the development of characters.
    In addition, the skillfully added meaning and ingenuity serves to formulate the cherishing of this book for fantasy readers all over the globe, who are searching for a contemporary take on the lore of dragons, fairies, and magic casting. What's more, Eragon rampaged my thoughts, feelings, and heart, and left footprints in my soul, as I can be sure is true with other readers. The knowledge and wisdom I acquired from it gave a new perspective on my existence. So, with this and the magnitude of the novel’s effect on me, I can say with certainty that if you choose to take part in Eragon and Saphira's journey, you will be surprised with the beautiful effect the novel will have on you.  Therefore, in due part to the lovely language used by the author, the refreshing perspectives on life, and the essentiality of the novel, in my opinion, to our lives, I can say with surety that Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a life-altering work of genius, and thereby, an essential book to promptly grab off the closest shelf if you so choose.


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