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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

Wish Upon A Star

February 25, 2016

When I was little, my mother told me, that if I wished upon a star, the brightest one, my wish would come true. So I gave it a try. One night, I knelt outside my window, peeking out to find the star I wanted to wish on. I saw it. A star so dim, it glowed faintly against the others. That was the star I wanted.

I closed my eyes, the image of the star willed in my mind.

I wish... I wish I had a friend. Someone who I can depend on.

When I looked back at the sky, the star seemed a little brighter. Who knows, I might have imagined it. But as a child, it meant something to my innocent mind. It meant someone had heard my prayers. And that it would be granted.

But I never knew, long ago my wish had been granted.

For he had slept in the same room as me. Calling me brother and whining for me to play with him. Little did I know that I already had my wish granted. But I never realised it.

I used to see him only as my annoying younger brother. 

I always ignored him, wanting to hang out with my friends from school.

But he never gave up, always wanting to help me.

And I neglected him.

I laughed when he cried, though he always seemed to be there when I was upset or down.

I can't believe I was so cruel to him.

But I did.

Only when my school friends left me after our family got bankrupt, did I realise they were only using me. I had never felt so alone. I thought they were my friends, the friends my star had given. But they weren't true friends, leaving me in hardship.

Only then, at the age of 18, did I actually realise I had been given my friend all along. 

Even though I never spared a kind thought for him, my brother had always tried in his own ways to help. He was truly the best friend anyone could wish upon a star.

A friend even I did not deserve.

But now?

Now we go to work together, live together, eat together, and stay with each other.

Though it took me so long to find my wish, I finally found it in adulthood.

Blood is thicker than water, they say. Family never gives up on family, no matter how tempting it may be.

I can tell you that that's true.

Water evaporates when things get hard, but blood? It stays with you till the very end.

So as I tell you my story, right here, as I sit in the backyard with my brother, under the canopy of dazzling stars. I can tell you that if you look up at the sky.

And wish upon a star.

You'll find that your closest friend life can give, is the sibling who watches from afar.

So if you have a sibling, turn away from this page. Go to him or her, and tell them,

"You're the best friend I can wish upon a star."


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