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Hey:) Nice to meet you. Music. Sports. Baking. I'm just someone struggling in writing like everyone else here. I don't have any books related thing to describe me as though...oops

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Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I hope that my writing would be impactful, that it would have a meaning and serves a purpose. Any kind of comment/review is welcomed, anything at all :)

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February 23, 2019

PROMPT: Living People

I was trying to answer all of the questions, but it was taking such a long time to write. Hopefully I might be able to answer the other half of the questions in another post. It's still a bit long, I'm still hoping that you would read it though..


Streams of golden light fell down the window, it weaved into silk that covered the single apartment. It was golden, with a hint of darkness to it; it was luxurious, with signals of the end to it. The sun was hiding behind the apartment buildings, scuttling back to its own home. From the sky, colors bloomed. Dreamy hues of quiet colors were all mixed together and splattered across the previously blue canvas. White clouds were floating, in the hushing rush someone must have used a paintbrush to put a careless stroke on the canvas to create them. She knew this from the uneven size of the clouds and from the streaky tail they leave behind as they drift by. It was art. This paining was only one that she have ever been infatuated by. Happiness from adoration was seeping through her over-sized sweater into her heart. 

Dark coffee swayed in her mug as she walked towards the little coffee table by the window. Light rays of gold had covered everything, it reminded her of the hair color the main character had in the book she just finished. For as long as she could remember, blonde was everything she wants to be. Holding her mother's hand in front of the preschool building, all she could see was the beautiful strays of sunlight hair tugged behind children's ear. The jealousy had never stopped, it would not stop now. 

Closing her eyes, she breath out a sign and brought the warm cup up. One little smile slowly formed as she satisfied her morning crave. Well, it's not exactly morning anymore. She woke up at noon, sharp at the dangling time. Everything was such a haze, the blurry line between light and darkness confused her. Yet, her mind still wandered off to its usual first thought of the daily drink. It had became a routine, habitual and repeated. It's not good, though, she's addicted. 

Rain would come and the drip-drop dance of water fell on the glass window. To her, that's the best music. Closing her eyes, she twirled and waltzed through her petite ballroom, and thought about the evening to come. 



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    I love how descriptive this is! This is beautiful! <3

    over 1 year ago