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Ya'll know where I can get a skirt like this lol

#bigcolor hickory brown skirt

February 22, 2019



I've always wanted a hickory brown skirt. 

 Mid-calf height, it would be a scandalous choice for a winter afternoon in the rain. I guess it would be kinda like the colour of a coffee when you run out of cream, end up with a slightly darker cup than you expected. Much like a trifle skirt, a nice black button up collar top should pair nicely with it, perhaps a low side bun would suffice too. 

I've always wanted a hickory brown skirt.

Although it won't suit my burnt caramel skin tone, I'll stand out at the train station- just another cute stranger you won't dare strike up a conversation with.  Sure, I'll be nervous; I don't wear heels often and this would be a one-off thing. And yeah, simple make-up would be essential- just enough to highlight a set of fictitious of high cheekbones that magically appear on the odd occasion...

This is for Big Blue's #bigcolor contest... Wish me luck!


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  • Kahasai

    Now I want a skirt like that XD Good luck!

    11 months ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    Good luck for the contest!! This is an amazing piece that is casual to read but also heart-warming :) I hope you get a hickory brown shirt <3

    11 months ago