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We Are Not Enemies

By: Kahasai


    We may have opposing beliefs. Maybe I'm agnostic and you're religious. Maybe I support guns and you don't.
    I'm not your enemy.
    You're not my enemy.
    Even though we argue and debate, even though we strongly believe in our own opinion and refuse to be swayed (to the annoyance of both of us), we aren't enemies. So don't treat me as such. I won't treat you as such.

    It's a sad reality that most people, when they are strangers and are arguing about political matters, tend to think they are enemies. They think that the person opposing them couldn't possibly be a good, or at least smart being--they aren't someone who'd even agree on what to eat for dinner. They are an Enemy.
    It just isn't true. That the same person who so blatantly, horribly disagrees with you about this political matter may be the only one who thinks your idea is brilliant. That person who so stubbornly refuses to bow down may be the sort of person who'd cook you dinner, just to see you eat well for once. That person who refused to see your point and kept insisting that their was correct without even acknowledging you--they may love all the same movies, all the same foods, all the same activities.

    Remember that. Remember that when you next argue: they aren't your enemy.

    Unless they tell you you're a shitwad with an elephant face. Then they're just idiots who don't know how to argue and must reduce themselves to throwing shit like monkey.
    Even then, they're not your enemy. They're just assholes.

    Remember, that even though you disagree: they aren't your enemy.


That said, WtW has some of the most polite debaters I've seen, so keep it up!

Message to Readers

I'm gonna republish this. Again, and again, and again.

Peer Review

first the whole piece gave me something to think about, it made me see that sometimes i have this mindset that the person i argue with is my enemy. i like the fact that this piece made me learn something new and look at things from a different perspective.

i would like to know how to keep it in mind during an argument that this person right here is not my enemy, how do i do that? yes they are not my enemy but can we truly be friends? yes additional details would invite me further into reading.

Reviewer Comments

it's a beautiful piece and it made me smile :)