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This is a pretty rough draft, so I may go back and change some things. I welcome any and all feedback!


February 15, 2019


    Afton leaned over the railing, glaring at the horizon as though it was the source of his problems. He rubbed his thumb over the brass edge of the compass, pressing until the calloused skin turned white and the drone of the motor wormed its way under his skin.
    “Problems, Captain?” Leola fell against the railing beside him, nose scrunched against the briny wind scratching at her sunburnt cheeks. The few freckles that had dotted her cheekbones when he’d met her had multiplied and were now spattered across her cheeks like a spray of sea water.
    “We should have reached land last night,” Afton murmured. Leola tugged at a wisp of strawberry blonde hair, staring at the frothing water below them.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes! I’ve double checked every map and journal we have. The shore’s coordinates are several hours behind us.” Leola gnawed at her bottom lip, eyes still fixed on the water below them.
    “Well...we are going off the ravings of some old man insisting he found a chain of forgotten islands. Maybe it’s all a load of nonsense,” she mused. Afton turned his glare to her, gritting his teeth.
    “It’s not. Why’d you come with me if you don’t believe in any of this?” he spat. Leola shrugged, refusing to meet his eyes.
    “I’ve known you too long to let you and Eli go on some wild goose chase alone. And maybe I’m like you, in debt up to my ears and willing to go after anything to get rid of it.” They both glanced over their shoulders to where Eli stood at the boat’s wheel, frowning at the map he had pinned to the wall. Afton sighed, swiping a hand over his face. He’d never meant to bring Eli into this, and Afton wouldn’t deny that he was the reason they kept sinking in further and further. It was his idea to...sinking? Sinking!
    “SINKING!” Leola jumped, jolting away from the steel railing like it bit her. Afton lurched sideways, grabbing her shoulders and dragging her closer until the were nose to nose. “SINKING!” he shouted. Leola shrunk back, eyes wide and concerned.
    “Eli?” she called. “I think I broke your cousin.” Eli peered around the doorway; he’d seen that look in Afton’s eyes and knew from experience that it was best to just shut up and try to understand.
    “Eli!” Afton yelled. “Cut the motor!” Eli scrambled back into the cabin, fumbling for the keys. “Get the diving suits, Leola!”
    “What?” Afton backpedaled, eyes lighting up.
    “We didn’t pass the islands! We’ve been staring at them!” Eli looked around, fairly certain that he had not, in fact, seen any islands. Leola began to look increasingly frustrated, lips parted slightly as if she couldn’t figure out which question to ask first.
    “Afton...what the hell are you talking about?”
    “The islands aren’t behind us, Leola! They’re under us.”


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