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" When someone says hurtful things, it's only a reflection of their struggle. Try not to be offended, instead reflect love back to them. It won't be easy at first but like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes. You will feel more powerful in the end by not succumbing to your lower nature. "The most hateful characteristic of man is fault finding."
I thank that's my favourite quote right now. I couldn't fit it into to bio, so put it here.

Nanoscopic Ch. 1 #muppetsnovelworkshop

February 15, 2019


So, I merged three chapters since they weren't long enough.

I drop my bag on the floor and hear it bang. I plop down on my seat, and just as the teacher claps her hands for silence, a late student rushes in.
“Late again, Gamora?” Hisses of laughter zip around the room.
And, almost as if nothing had happened, she continues.
“Good morning, all! I’m sorry for that… interruption. Now, I assume you all did your homework? Pull it out of your bag and bring it to my desk.”
I gulp, searching through my memory. Homework? I didn’t remember doing… I tear across the zipper on my bag and pull out my math folder.
I riffle through it an-- nope.
No homework.
I stuff my math things back into the folder and press it back in my overly crowded bag, spying a crumpled and torn piece of paper at the bottom. I pull it out and flatten it on my lap.
I can make out the word: Math.
“Wynter? Just waiting on you, now!”
I bite my lip and walk up to the teacher’s desk. I stiffly hold out the ruined, empty homework and look at my feet.
Ms Abbott arches her eyebrows disapprovingly and drops it in the recycling bin.
“Back to your desk, Ms Warlen. I expect more next lesson. Detention, after school, next Friday.”
I walk back to my desk and bury my head in my bag. Why, why, why? This is the worst. Nothing could be worse. Nothing.
The bell rings and the classroom clamoring begins.
I rushed out, fast as possible, trying my best to not be the last person in the room with my least favorite teacher.

I check my watch. 9:20. Okay, that means Twenty-Five minutes until assembly. I can make it.
I sprint after the last trickle of students about to turn a corner at the far end of the hallway.
Why is the Assembly Hall so far away from all the classrooms? The school is so big.

“Blah blah dorms, blah blah new year, blah blah blah,” Says Principal Levy. Of course, this isn’t what she actually said. But, whatever. I don’t really care. I didn’t listen. I was here last year.
I decide to go to my dorm instead of exploring school. I need to chillax. I open the door and collapse on my bed. “Ow… Ouch.” I sit up and rub my back. I really jumped too hard… and the mattress on that thing is thinner than thin. I’ll probably have striped bruises across my back. I get up and groan, rubbing my back and sitting down gently.

I don’t see Autymn at all for the rest of the week. Symmer is gone too.
Wait, wait. Something feels weird. Autymn, Symmer, and me. Wynter. Something happened to them.
Okay, I’m getting goosebumps. That’s a bit creepy.

I stomp out of the detention room after detention on Friday.
Oh, boy. Detention was so boring.
I try to look out past the path, the only way to get from the classrooms to the dorms. But of course, it is raining so hard that I can’t see a meter out.
A flash of lightning, I jump back.
I need to get to my dorm, and fast. My teeth chatter as gust after gust of wind blows rain over to me.
Another lightning strike. A boom of thunder.
There’s a door there.
Light illuminates a door on the wall that I must’ve walked by countless times.
I shiver and run in, not seeing any signs to keep students away.
The door slams shut behind me.
There are stairs leading down, mostly hidden in shadows. The only way to go.
I walk down, down, down a seemingly endless spiral staircase. My hands against the damp wall, squinting to see with the dim glow of the luminescent crystals that I cannot name.
I get a sudden thought.
Symmer and Autymn disappeared after detention. What if…
What if they came here?
I hear a click and realise I pressed a button, equally as damp as the wall.
Before I can react, the stairs beneath me rotate to a ramp, and I fall on my back.
Ow! That kind of hurt, but in the movies, they always slide. This is not that ‘slidable’...
But before I can get back up, I hear a rush of some liquid (hopefully water) thundering and crashing against the walls.
I scramble to my feet and grab for a handhold, any handhold, and utter a simple, “Oh no”, getting slammed full on with a wave twice the height of me. I carreen down, bouncing off walls after walls.
Oh, why does this need to be a spiral staircase? What did you get yourself into, Wynter, you stupid girl, The rude part of me chides. You should never have gone into that room. In the movies, the adventurers always find themselves in deep trouble!
My head slips underwater and I thrash my arms, bursting to the surface, gasping for air.
Something solid hits me in the chest and I suddenly stop moving, water slamming into me and completely abusing my bruised back.
I clamber out of a small pool, the water disappearing into nothingness.
I scramble up onto the edge of the pool, and find myself in a better lit room.
Bright crystals of millions of colours create a rainbow of light, hard to find where I assume is miles underground. The water starts to turn from rapids to a trickle.
I look around and see four pillars. They are like stalagmites and stalactites, almost touching, one crystal coming out of each of the stalagmites.
Each pillar has a different colour crystal, and they glow with an eerie light.
One is a vivid coral orange, one is a bright aqua, one is a light blue, with swirls of deep purple, and one is a shade of deep scarlet red.
All but the blue-purple one has snapped halfway down, but I feel drawn to the blue-purple one, anyway.
My eyes fixed on the crystal, I slowly walk forward, feeling like my legs are half-led, stiff like boards, water squishing and squelching in my soggy shoes.
You must get it. A voice in my head, one that doesn’t belong to me, says in an eerie voice.
I listen to it, despite the constant warning to ‘Not listen to strangers, especially ones talking in your head’.
Okay, no one has ever said that.
All thoughts fly out, left with only the image of the glinting crystal.
The crystal I must get.
My hand reaches out to touch it, a strange feeling of heat and cold emanating from it at once. My hand rests on it, and nothing happens for a couple seconds.
A flash of purple, so bright it is almost white, blinds me and I stumble on the floor.
As I fall, I accidentally dislodge the crystal. The whole room shakes.
I groan, pain racking my body, the floor seeming to scratch my back in all directions. I try to scream, but only silence escaping, my mouth feeling paralysed, along with the rest of me.
It feels like the crystal is growing, pressing me down onto the floor.
Crystals fall from the walls, their colors causing mayhem.
A raspy voice, Principal Levy’s, groans, “Not again!” but I am focusing on pain, pain, pain, and I can’t hear anything but the constant drumming of my blood.
My eyes drift closed.
I hear the faint voice of Principal Levy, saying, “She touched one! The blue one!”


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  • Quille

    Nice cliffhanger! Overall, great chapter & can't wait for more :DDD

    over 1 year ago