The name's Zodie! I like to write prose and essays sometimes. Do not give me any kind of criticism unless I ask. They/them.
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I'm not a writer. I'm just someone who happens to wield words with the needles of my thoughts. I like sentences and fancy lyrics; and even if they juggle and become either dust or bread under my hands, I am still no writer.

Songs of the Fallen (in Love)

February 14, 2019


The tune of Summertime Sadness
            resonates down to my cochlea
                        like a dangerous polygon
                                    like the stranger in my words
                                                like a childhood crush
                                                            like you
                                                                        like me
                                                                                    like us
The tune of Wicked Game
            cracks a chunk of my heart
                        severing its strings mercilessly
                                    and your eyes are a pool of beige
                                                locking with mine,
                                                                        I don’t
                                                                                    want to
                                                                                                fall in


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