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I came here to love, learn, laugh, and hone my skills.
I hope to return the favor to my fellow Write the Worldarians.
The pen is mightier than the sword -- especially if it's launched from an elastic band. ~Me and my awesome sister Éowyn

Contest Winners

February 18, 2019


    Hey, guys!  Apologies for the belated results, but here they are.  Thank you all for participating and for your wonderful entries.  I wish I had more places, as I enjoyed more entries that those that won.  Choosing was difficult, but I managed it.  So, without further delay, the winners:

    FIRST PLACE: Christy Wisdom
Writing a plot line is like a book with a lot of plot twists: even I have no idea what on earth is going on.
    Word: War

    Both of your entries were first class!  Choosing which would win was tough, but the better flow in this one won out.  You gave us two hassles we can easily equate with in a humorous manner.  Excellent work!

    SECOND PLACE: Quille
You know you've been writing for about ten hours straight and without enough coffee when you start describing raindrops as wet.
    Word: Oblivion

    This really resonated with me because my descriptions are not the greatest.  Plus, I love coffee. :D  

    THIRD PLACE: Lissie
    Planning ahead is like when your parents try to fix the plumbing themselves: a mess that usually has to be completely rdone.
    Word: Glass

    For the record, my parents are fairly competent plumbers.  But yes, planning is probably the messiest thing that happens in writing, unless you count the revisions in the margins of your notebook.

Straining to find the right word is like teaching your younger brother how to lead - he continues to screech the same thing in your ear over and over again until you can't hear anything else.
    Word:: Quixotic

    Thanks for introducing me to a new word!  I loved your analogy, and your basic wording adds some punch.  Well done!

    Here are the other entries in alphabetical order and my thoughts on them:

    Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill
Writing is always about slaving away for hours upon end; 10% doing nothing, 20% procrastination, 20% trying to find something else to do, 50% reloading the page to see if anyone liked my pieeces, and 100% wishing I wrote more than 2 sentences.  (I did not stop writing anything to write this...)
    Word: Juxtapose/Juxtaposition

    Writing is definately hard work!  Keep at it, though; the results will be worth it!

    Budding Mae
    Originality?  Pffft.
    Inspiration?  Ha!  More like expiration.
    Word: Sequacious
    You utterly and completely disregarded my criteria of one sentence and gave me a series of fragments like a staccato string of punches.  Forceful, direct, and excellent vocabulary.  Even though you broke the rules, you definitely have a strong sense of personal style. :)  (I'm not mad, by the way.)

Christy Wisdom
Giving a character flaws is like telling a friend (one that's been by your side for a while, mind you)  "Hey, do you mind if I give people a reason to dislike you?  GREAT, THANKS!"
    Word:  War
    I just want everyone to like my character as much as I do!  Again, choosing between your entries was so hard!  It was literally nervewracking.  I was tempted to decide to never host a contest again.

Actually trying to finish a story is like trying to swallow a whole scoop of ice cream along with the cone, then waiting for the moment you freeze to death.
    Word: doppelganger
    I wish I had a place for this!  Finishing a story is a task, that's for sure!  How did you come up with this comparison, anyways?  I've never seen anything like it.  My only regret is that you made a comma splice -- you used a comma to join two sentences instead of a comma and a conjunction (such as and, but, or, for, nor, and yet).  It's a small detail. but if you can cut it out in the future, it'll save some work for your editor.

Coming up with an original idea is just like arguing with a spoiled 3 year old with overprotective parents: it won't happen.
    Word: Absence
    Great analogy and excellent wording!  Having fought my share of battles with toddleers, I am very familiar with your chosen analogy.  Bravo!

​    Paperbird
i'm not sure what I wrote because of all those times i banged my head on the keys.
    Word: tiojwaefhdsklafpo423899e0di4frj
    I wish I could have used your word.  Hey, if you ever need to supplement you income, invent passwords for people.  This one looks really hard to crack. :)
My stories are like beautiful lace; holes included.
    Word: Horse
    Another entry I wish the winner's podium had room for.  This sums up the feeling I get when I read through the crammed pages of my past notebooks and realize that I left out a crucial detail -- and that I can't remember what I was thinking when I wrote it.

One of the best parts about finding names for characters is remembering all the people you hate.
    Word: Twilight
    Personally, I prefer movie credits and rugby matches, but whatever.  Was there an unnerving smirk on your face as you typed that?

    Trying to begin a story and realizing you can't without it being cheesier than the pizza they sell at that one sketchy restaurant.
    Word: Stellar
    Your analogy was really good.  It was one of the ones I enjoyed.   However, your grammar got left behind in the dusty wake of your racing imagination.  (That happens to me, too. :)

I hope you all enjoyed this contest.  The prize piece will be published under the title To The Winners, and I will start on it ASAP.  (Sorry this is taking so long!  Hosting a contest is more work than I thought!)  God bless!
Getting the fonts right? Not happening.  I have a prize piece to write,  so I am not messing around with fonts.   Next time.  Maybe.


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  • Silver Pen

    Thank you guys! Seeing your gratitude makes all the work worth it - which will be a big assist as I write the prize.

    9 months ago
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    Yayy congrats to winners! :D
    Thanks for hosting this~

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    Congrats everyone!

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    Why doesn't WTW have a 'love' button?

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    Awesome!! Thank you for this contest :) It was super fun :DDD
    Congrats all'y'all!!! :DD

    9 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Oh my goodness, thanks so much for first place!! This was a really fun contest, and one I absolutely related to XD Congrats to everybody!

    9 months ago