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Have you ever looked at the sky?
Have you ever,in your life played with those white clouds which float smoothly in the vast blue sky?
Have you ever,ever in this short useless life,flown with those colourful birds,who fly south every year?
Neither have I.Or...maybe...I have.
No no...not physically...I have done all the above things,mentally.Whenever I am short of any ideas to write, I feel the cold breeze of the vast suburban sky on my face.The sound of the flapping of wings of a wild swan who is flying South with his family.I wish I could also go with them.Far...far away from this dishonest world... exams... plenty of free time....I am going to start publishing Snow Flakes in Summer again from the begining.

Why I Don't celebrate Valentine's day.

March 17, 2019


I was skipping up and down the broken lane. would be the day....

I could already hear his wonderful musical voice from there. His gentle warm hands, touching my blonde hair , rechristening all those memories that we had left years before. But now, it was time to give them a new name.

My happiness knew no bounds , when I found out his address from Sarah. Tears had welled up my eyes, as I thanked her profusely and set out to surprise him. I could already see his blue eyes gaping at me in wonder and excitement.

Today I  would tell what I could not tell five years earlier.

My heart began fluttering when I reached the iron gate of his house. The moment...the moment....

Trring !!Trring!!!

I looked up hopefully to see his awestruck eyes looking at me in wonder and excitement, but saw a sickly looking woman looking down at me curiously.
"What do you want??"
"Can i see Mr. Thomas Pattinson??"

Suddenly a shadow of grief came over her already sickly face as she said ,
"Oh...but I am so sorry to say ...he 's no more madam. Yes....died suddenly ....used to mumble about not able to tell a girl something all his life......"


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  • RNE

    this is so well written. that last sentence killed me!!

    2 days ago
  • buddingauthor

    Oh wow this is so beautiful yet sad. Great job.

    2 days ago
  • spearmint

    You got the plot twist. This was so beautiful and sad!! The last sentence...

    4 days ago
  • MimiChoudhury


    5 days ago
  • xXlunagirlXx

    Awww... I'm getting goosebumps, I really hope this is just a figment of your imagination, or I shall die of asphyxiation.

    5 days ago
  • MimiChoudhury

    Thanks so much all of you . That means a lot. Actually...i planned to gv it a happy ending...but i changed my mind at the last second....thought of gving it a plot twist.

    about 1 month ago
  • Kahasai

    Oh, so sad, but so well written. To repeat what everyone else has already said.

    about 1 month ago
  • Ryder

    oh...such a tragedy........;-;

    about 1 month ago
  • Ursa Rover

    aw so sad:(
    good job.

    about 1 month ago
  • Quille

    That's really sad :( Very well-written, but heartbreaking.

    about 1 month ago