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I absolutely LOVE writing so I post what I write on here so that I can get advise and feedback to become a better author.

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Time Changes Nothing

February 24, 2016


England verses France in 1812
Mom verses Son in 2016
Different times but still the same story
America and me always stuck in the middle

Wanting us to fight for them instead of the opponent
But we're sick of the destruction and despair war leaves behind
Bloody battle grounds scattered in caos
Angry words bounce off the surrounding walls and echo in my mind like gunshots of the war

A single, distant bugle trill
Or a disrespectful glare
Each is the beginning of havoc unknown
Like the first drop of rain in a hurricane of emotions

The locking of horns only made us stronger
America stood its own to become self sufficient
The heartbreak and tears just fortified my heart
All because time changes nothing


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