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Mary Dvorak

United States

Message to Readers

I wrote this about my long boarding accident that resulted me in having severe brain trauma and many other issues. I am a new writer and open to criticism, please and thank you

Bittersweet Pavement

February 24, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I asked my best friend, Sammie, to take me back to the place where everything started. Sammie and I walked down the trail of Red Oak Forest Preserve on a silent fall afternoon. The trees were still and withering down to the nothingness winter will be bringing, as was Sammie with every step we took down the cracked pavement. I paced myself walking down the hill and stopped when I reached the bridge. I looked down to the rusted metal lip of the bridge and could see the dried remnants of blood my body left. I looked down to my right hand and could see the scars the bridge had left me. I turned and looked towards the top of the hill back at Sammie. She just stood there, stone faced and as motionless as the ground we were standing on. I knew that day was on replay in the back of her head as if it were on a movie reel, while mine was still blank.

I must've left pieces of me and my blood on this pavement, because since it bashed my head fucking backwards, things have only gotten worse. I’m starting to feel that no matter the time, the medication, or all the fucking therapy, I’ll never be able to feel the way I used to… I feel like a fucking flat line all the god damn time. Whatever has filled the cracks in my head, it has only made me feel more empty than I was when there wasn't even any space between the bones in my skull. Maybe I’m wrong and I just need to give myself more time, I don’t know…

What hurts the most is that I have no one to blame but my fucking self and the laws of physics. 


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