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"Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips" ~MJ Bush

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots” ~Frank Clark

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January (2019) Must Reads!!

February 17, 2019


HOW THIS IS COMPOSED: Categories will be first (in bold), next the nominators (with links), followed by the piece they nominated (italicized & with links), and then the authors of the nominated pieces (with links). In addition, underneath is the reason why they were nominated, and what we thought of the piece (in between the symbol *).
!!!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!!!!
Short but powerful (5)
AJ - Izzy
Don't Clip My Wings ~Quille
I chose this one because it's very relatable and the comparison from learning to fly and writing is so perfect! It flows super nicely and it's beautiful :)
*Amazing metaphor that is strong and can appeal to many writers-especially WTW writers. Everything makes sense and fits together to create this piece.*
Cigarettes ~Paperbird
The descriptions are tremendously vivid and real and the story of the poem is both sad and powerful.
*Going beyond just a simple statement about not liking cigarettes is what makes it so strong. Every metaphor, simile, descriptions, and figurative language seems carefully planned and beautifully put.*
Intrusive Thoughts ~Big Blue
It touched me. I think we can all relate to having that voice in our heads that we fight with.
The word choice here is well picked, used, and strong.
They are different details, that fit with the story, and add to what the reader is reading. *Everything about this piece fits and continues the story. As the reader gradually goes from the beginning to the end, they uncover loads of truth and power.*
Budding Mae
Paradox by Silver Pen
*Each word contradicts another, and it almost seems like the author is trying to find a balance. It's one thing to choice antonyms, it's another to put them together in extravagant ways.*
Opal Drop
You'll never know ~stripedfly1001
My reason is that it is really beautiful and shows happiness the same time as sadness. It is quite a touching piece to read and a little tragic at the end.
*The author takes something easily overlooked and underrated, and gives understanding and a new point of view about it.*
Tragedy (2)
Carbon monoxide ~Loveletterstosappho
it's an artfully created piece, my favorite piece of poetry for a long time, filled with intense imagery, wild metaphors and succinct allegories. i absolutely loved this piece and it would be amazing to have it projected just a little bit more.
*This piece is strong and compelling, urging the reader to keep reading until the very end, and leave them wanting more. *
The Dock ~RNE
This one I love because of the repetition used by the writer and the devastating end of the poem. It's really a beautiful piece.
*This piece may be short, however, don't let it fool you. It tells a strong and powerful story that leaves the reader with a few remaining questions, however, lets them know how the story ends.*
Romance (2)
Addicted ~Xavier Nelson
It can be interpreted so many ways. You can read it literally, like it's about a person, or you can read it metaphorically, like it's some other addiction.
*This piece seems short, but it's packed with strong metaphors, a flow of lines, and a sense of feeling you either are left with, or ponder over.*
Puppet Master
It's relatable for anyone whether your gay or straight. It shows the feeling of talking to your crush.
*I admire most the little details that make up this piece. It's so unique and well written, the author grasps the tiny love story perfectly.*
One-Liners (1)
AJ - Izzy
Stone ~user not found
I loved this piece because it is so simple and yet the meaning goes so many ways! It's a really beautiful piece, and it shows really good emotion and feeling.
*This piece is strong, and captures a whole story in less than fifteen words.*
Short Story (2)
Ripple Of Light ~Opal Drop
It's great with the imaginary. And it just puts on display how to experience life and beauty you have to risk things.
*loved that you didn't come right out and say what you 'had to see' adding suspense to the story and wanting to reader to read more.*
death of a star ~Paperbird
It was incredible and the descriptions were so good! You should read it.
*Wonderful story that will bring a tear to your eye with all its metaphors*
Flash Fiction (1)
Budding Mae
911, What’s Your Emergency? Penguins? ~Budding Mae
*The character pulling the trick is revealed at the end, and knowing everything was a lie is slightly comical.*
As promised we are looking at all the writers who used our work, and going to make a page for them like this, except, we are picking them! No nominations. Those will be out soon, stayed tuned!
Also, February nominations will be up soon as well, and yes, we took your recommendations and made a few changes have been made!


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  • AJ - Izzy

    Wow, congrats to everyone!! They're all so amazing <3

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Awesome :)

    9 months ago
  • paperbird

    i'm honored to have two nominations!! thank you for doing this!!

    9 months ago