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Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone

February 18, 2019

I've always been a quiet and admittedly shy person. I find hobbies and habits to spend my time so I don't feel useless. I'd felt I tried everything when I picked up a book. Yes a book I can't believe it either, but I started to read this book and suddenly I felt as if I were transported to a different universe. That book is called Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
I was taken to a world where it felt as if I could achieve all my dreams and more! But now, lets get to the book.

This book is at least an anomaly to me because through out it I felt as it were casting the spells and flying high my self! 
Harry Potter is pretty small, pretty skinny and has some nice glasses. Nothing special right? Right? Actually, he's something called a Wizard, yes you heard me.. a Wizard. Now just because you are called a wizard doesn't mean "ABRA CADBARA INSTANT DEATH!!" well their is a spell that causes instant death but that's not important. When you think of Fairy tale settings you might be right on the mark with the story of Harry Potter. The rise from a bad childhood, going to a magical castle, and more!

I recommend Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone because It lets you dream a little but also has a plot that hooks you on to the next book and then the next book! It is my hope that you try and read the book because you'll see dragons, wizards, trolls and even men with beards down to their waist.

So please, everyone come and read Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. You won't regret it.



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