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Writing Contest Open! #Mackinac Island

February 13, 2019


15 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!! Here is a new contest for ya'll! I read about this little island in my economics, and I thought it would be such a cool setting for a short story!   


Genre: Short story FICTION   

So the main requirement is that the setting MUST be Mackinac Island.    
I don't care what's happening (as long as it is not foul or inappropriate) or who the protagonist is or when it is happening, but it must be set in Mackinac Island. If you are not familiar with this place here is it's Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackinac_Island   

Just to spice it up a bit a few little additions must be in your piece: Your must address the fact that motor vehicles are banned on the island in some way. You must also include the word victorian.    

Word Count: This is a short (ish) story, so somewhere between 500 to 2,000 words. I know it's hard (at least for me) to have a word count restraining you, so this will give you some room to go longer if you want to.    

Deadline: February 28th.    

I will not count any pieces that have foul language (sh*t and other such words included. Language is at my discretion) or inappropriate content. Write like you were going to read it to your parents.   

Please use the hashtag to make sure I can find it. And try to have a catchy title.    


First Place: 10 Reviews (your choice), a follow if I don't follow you already (if I do, than you will get a shout out on my profile for a while), and 5 likes (my choice)    

Second Place: 5 Reviews (your choice), a follow if I don't follow you already (If I do, than I will put a shout out in the footnotes of my next five pieces), and 3 likes (my choice)   

Third Place: 2 Reviews (your choice), a follow if I don't follow you already (if I do, then I will comment on 3 of your pieces)    

Pieces will be judged on creativity, imagery, word usage, and how well you use the setting to your advantage.    

If you have questions, leave a comment below. :)   

Thanks for reading, and let the writing begin! :) 


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