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Be crazy. Be lazy. Be chaotic. Be fantastic. But be yourself.
Don't spend your life wondering what you did wrong. You didn't. And the person who left you has just suffered a hella bad loss. Spread awesomness. ( These word's don't exist and I apologize for that.)

That Joy I Feel

February 27, 2019


Ever laughed your head off,
Acted like the most cheerful person born on the face of the Earth,
Acted like a goddamn joker in front of everyone,
Insulted and humiliated your own self
Like all is well and good with you?

Only to make a person smile and enjoy their life. 
Only to keep that joy on their face.
And to feel the  satisfaction  because you were the cause of that happiness. 

Written on: 13th January 2019
Published on: 13th January 2019

Keep Smiling!

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