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Message to Readers

Yeah it doesn't rhyme this time (but that did hehe). It's also fresh off the mind and I only read over it like, twice. So you know. Potential grammar mistakes incoming. Yeah that's about it. It's more of mind ramble than a poem. First time for everything, right?

Wasting, wasting, wasting.

February 13, 2019


Every time I’m on this stupid computer
I want to stray
Into a world of nothing but fake lives and lies
Into a world of worthless, meaningless posts

The finger itches to hit that ‘+’ button
The one that will open a new tab
A new open possibility to procrastinate
To waste my time
To waste my life
To watch seconds tick by and minutes flit away like drunken fireflies on a Tuesday night

One video leads to the next and wow you guessed it
I’m now watching meme review
Which I guess is fun and all but oh look it’s already
Ten past four
In the afternoon
And I’ve done no work

Who do I have to blame? For the massive black piece of charcoal in my chest that used to be my pride at being steady
With concentration unbreakable

The work is done. But is it really? The extra work I do just to keep a step ahead
Of crushing expectations that come
Like a mudslide and choke out relaxation with the paralysing fear of not living up the ideas of others
The hopes of others
Of my family
My peers
My teachers

So when I think I’m safe I go back to the stupid computer
To stray off into the painted sunset
To live happily ever after in a dream state of stargazing, woolgathering fantasies
And only to realise
I’ve wasted it all
How pathetic is it to do so much extra work the minute I'm not making notes or revising for a potential test or scratching my pen away at past papers I'm annoyed at myself for wasting time? And then I'm annoyed at myself for being annoyed at myself. What the heck is this.


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  • 2A,2H and 1D

    This is the ugly truth the entire world knows yet don't speak of.
    I can certainly relate.
    Love your work :)

    7 months ago
  • omicron7889

    Thanks for letting me know :P

    7 months ago
  • Ruthh

    This is so relatable oh wow

    7 months ago
  • Xavier Nelson

    In case you didn't see the message I left on "Hikikomori", I thanked you for all the kind words and said that a review would be wonderful

    7 months ago
  • omicron7889

    Sure! I'll add it to my review list, and I'll tell you once I'm done! (hopefully you'll receive it in the next couple of days)

    7 months ago
  • omicron7889

    Thank you for both your kind comment and reviews muppet! They're so very very appreciated :)

    7 months ago
  • muppet

    if you get the chance, could u review this poem of mine? i'd rly appreciate it! :)

    7 months ago
  • muppet

    your poetry is beautiful!reviewing some, they should b coming ur way soon xxX

    7 months ago
  • omicron7889

    Ohohooo BOY. Here we go. Wynonna Earp is a show based off a comic book, and is probably the best show I have ever seen. Badass female leads, equally hardcore male characters, actual character developement (I know right, shocker), sarcasm, humour, quippy lines and supernatural stuff this show has it ALL.


    7 months ago
  • nezi_nes

    Wynonnya Channel? What is it actually? Sounds exotic

    7 months ago
  • omicron7889

    @Johanna well heheyy *finger guns* that's what I make. Relatable content yayuh!

    @CuriosityKilledTheCat yes it kinda is. I also really like your username btw just sayin' :)

    @nezi_nes The guilt is EXACTLY what takes the fun out of relaxing and watching the next episode of Wynonna Earp

    7 months ago
  • nezi_nes

    I don't think anyone in the world has never not done this. It happens. The guilt is not fun.

    7 months ago
  • CuriosityKilledTheCat

    This happens so much and it's honestly terrifying.

    7 months ago
  • Johanna

    Wow this is so relatable

    7 months ago