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Katie Fleming

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Poem 1 - Pain ~~~ Poem 2 - The Apartment on Boulevard 9

February 24, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


This underlying pain in me 
is so great that it numbs me from 
my feet all the way to the core of my brain

and the toxicity that I walk through
is oblivious to those who haven’t 
been hit with that hard of blows 

“Why me?” I always ask God, 
on my knees with swollen, red eyes, 
praying that my savior won’t tell me any sugar-coated lies 

The tears are dabbed away, 
disintegrated into black dust, 
only to leave behind derelict rust 

and mascara-stained tissues 
overflow the trash, 
looking like blotches of mournful ash 

My joy escapes my grip, 
an unfurled white flag of surrender, 
as I hear the devil whisper, 

Welcome to the real world. 


Portrait of a Room
by John Monks

The Apartment on Boulevard 9

The apartment on Boulevard 9
Was only a speck of dust
compared to the clean, white goldmines
spared of tragedy and disgust

Pristine marble squares lined up
balanced with yellow buttercups
While the chamber on Boulevard 9
drips with agony, filling a broken teacup

Smooth pavement sits below shiny SUVs,
so clean they purify the Black Sea
Yet the apartment on Boulevard 9
is a scene that makes its dwellers cry

When the red wine is
poured into opulent, sheen glasses
and gold specs
hang in the air

The apartment on Boulevard 
can only witness 
the choking of the 
yellow flare


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