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Katie Fleming

United States

Message to Readers

I need positive feedback on this writing to show my teacher that I completed the publication process.

Poem 1 - Pain ~~~ Poem 2 - The Apartment on Boulevard 9

February 24, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


This underlying pain in me 
is so great that it numbs me from 
my feet all the way to the core of my brain

and the toxicity that I walk through
is oblivious to those who haven’t 
been hit with that hard of blows 

“Why me?” I always ask God, 
on my knees with swollen, red eyes, 
praying that my savior won’t tell me any sugar-coated lies 

The tears are dabbed away, 
disintegrated into black dust, 
only to leave behind derelict rust 

and mascara-stained tissues 
overflow the trash, 
looking like blotches of mournful ash 

My joy escapes my grip, 
an unfurled white flag of surrender, 
as I hear the devil whisper, 

Welcome to the real world


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