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this twists my insides weird and gives me cOnFLiCtInG feelings :|

elegy for a left wrist

February 12, 2019


i close my eyes at the gory bits on the screen 
severed limbs and dolor decorate the walls of bad dreams
i used to wake up every morning with a heart
on the edge of a throat 
clenching gag reflex, my beating organ
i have never liked the taste of blood

mom cut her finger cutting onions
blood dripped like involuntary tears dyeing
the cutting board red
i cover the mouth-shaped wound with a yellow bandaid
we have iron and salt and onions in soup  
for dinner 

the poems i wrote were all about pencil marks
stupid really 
when the only lines that matter are written with pen 
in every bad dream the under-bed monster draws
serrated nails across hardwood floor 
i thought that nothing could repair the cracks 

two years ago i woke up with my own heart
in my throat and an aching wrist 
at the monster's call i threw up iron
and onions 
and dad's disposable razors 
and so many things i won't dream about anymore. 



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  • paperbird

    congratulations on your instagram excerpt!! recently i've been finding wtw's instagram is getting more and more mediocre but your quote was beautiful and you completely deserve it.

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    this is visceral and elegant... one of your darker poems but worth every line

    over 1 year ago