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Hello everyone! I'm Alliyah. Writing is my passion. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. I also love nature, reading, making people laugh, playing sports, photography and art.

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Hey everyone! Hope you like this piece. Thanks for all the support so far!


February 12, 2019


It was hard to believe. After two years, I was finally home.
Almost. Not yet.
I gripped the leather handle of my bag tighter, the sweat on my palms making them slip across the smooth surface.
What would it be like, after all this time? Different? The same?
The sound of my boots on the floor was echoey, and distant. I tried to walk lighter, tried to breathe slowly, more evenly; I tried to swallow over the rough, uncomfortable feeling in my throat. But my body wasn’t listening to my pleas. A tingling feeling danced in my stomach.
I rounded the corner, crowds of people pressing around me.
Then it all opened up; the crowd around me dispersed, each person turning their own way. In front of me, more people gathered--waiting for a long lost family member, or a guest, or a friend.
Or a solider coming home.
My gaze roved over the group, searching for her. My heart pounded out an unsteady rhythm.
Then she was there. Standing. Arms around a child. A baby.
My baby.
The little girl tugged at the hem of her shirt, her opposite arm extending. Pointing.
Pointing to me.
Her lips moved. I couldn’t here the words, but I knew what she was saying.
The woman looked up, her gaze following the little girl’s finger. Her crystal blue eyes met mine.
Then she was running, tears streaming down her face.
I held out my arms.
It isn’t hard to explain what happened next. But it is hard to explain what I felt. I just knew one thing.
When she was in my arms, I knew I was home. When my baby nestled against my chest, squealing and laughing and touching my cheeks, her beautiful voices repeating my name, I knew I was home.
I was really home.
I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling.



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