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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

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I am so sorry i am a crude and evil person.

A Guide To Being Human

February 24, 2016


0. Before you begin, contemplate whether or not being human is truly worth it. Think, is the human race really all that great? Whatever privileges we hold, is it not gained by humanity's selfish desires? Think again. Humans are the weakest race. Take away their guns and nuclear weapons. Take away any sort of defense they have. Strip them of their man-made armor, created from the natural resources of the earth and the deaths of many animals. Leave them bare in the wild amongst poisonous devils, constricting forces, the hazardous weathers, the fangs of the hungry. How could they possibly survive. So think. Do you truly want to be human? 

1. If you are reading this, it means you have made your choice. Very well. Here are the steps you must follow to becoming a human. Step 1, learn how to communicate. Humans need even the smallest bit of communication to get by, you can't look a random person you don't know in the eye and expect them to know that you are hungry, or that you want something to drink. When you speak, humans hate it when they are unable to hear a quiet person whispering, and sometimes get so agitated they throw up a huge fuss. Without communication, the human society would be in a huge mess, and no culture, group or community would ever form without some sort of communication. It doesn't have to be speech, it could be through the various art forms but for god's sake, you need to know how to communicate your thoughts to the people if not, you're not 'one of them'. You'll just be a creature who is of a 'lower' standard of intelligence who is unable to even bring one idea across properly. Shame on you. So, ensure your communication standards are top notch. 

2. Be as contradictory as you can. Just watch how humans live their lives. "I hate mistreating animals", says a person who loves eating the meat of the animals who had to be tortured and killed to become their food. "I love everyone", says a person who gossips about every single little mistake a person makes that annoys them. "I love you", a lover says as the person cheats on their partner with another. These little little instances have built up so many times, that it is sad enough to become a human trait. Yes, humans are extremely contradictory. 

3. Education. You can't expect to just become a human, be born a baby and grow up in happiness without having to suffer the wrath of the education systems. No matter where you go, Greenland, China, Singapore, India, Taiwan, America, England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, or anywhere else, the curse of education will follow you. It could be a curse, yet it could be a blessing. It is all about your mindset. You will go through education and you will learn about the world in time to come.

4. Dislike. Every human has something they dislike. A person, type of food, a smell, a taste, fashion, subjects, materials, items, games, anything. A human is picky about what they like. And if you want to be human, you will eventually also come to find that you will have things you like and dislike as well. Do not mix "dislike" with "distrust", when an individual does not trust a piece of food, perhaps it has had some trauma with it, or perhaps it knows it is not good for it. It is not the same as dislike. Dislike is but a sense of choice. 

5. Hobbies. Humans have hobbies, because when they are bored they have nothing else to do so they go and do something they deem worthy of their time. Why? Because they can.

6. Love, an emotion that humans are supposed to genuinely feel. A complex emotion that is indescribable, it comes in many flavours. Salty, sweet, bitter, you name it. An emotion that drives people insane, an emotion that allows humans to cross even their own limits, and because of love, humans are willing to die. It is an emotion that has fascinated the human race for years, centuries, decades, and even since the beginning of time, it has existed. An emotion so strong that anything could happen. 

7. As a human, you must know how to handle your money carefully. You must be vigilant in your daily life, and ensure that no harm comes to your beloved piggy bank. You want to have a future of happiness, and not one where you come back here and ask to be reborn again. No, if you do not make use of this chance i give you to the fullest, i am not giving you another. 

8. Do not interact with any supernatural force or being. I am in charge of that, not you. Go be a human and stop interfering with the dead.

9. Selfish prick. Humans are selfish. When you put a knife to their neck, they would do anything to spare their own lives. Even if it means betrayal of their closest friends or family. Look at the course of history and you will see just how brutal this "selfishness" is. Look at the millions of sharks that have been slain just for their fins which don't even have a good taste, look at how many forests have been burned to the ground for the sake of land and resources. Look at all those selfish humans killing one another. Humans kill one another more than any animal out there, humans are the real animals. The lowest of the animal kingdom. If all animals had the intelligence of a human, humans by far are the weakest of them all. But since you have made your decision, i will speak no further, but you are to follow their 'way of living', and to become a selfish creature yourself. Have your own desires, your own dreams, your own ambitions and your own life. This is the 9th Law and the last law. See to it that you become a worthy human, and i will meet you again when you are at death's door, waiting to see if you can provide me with a story of a lifetime. 


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