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Lol, i make myself feel lonely... XD

From your Secret Admirer :) | (The shy girl in the corner)

February 12, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

    Dear sweet Alex,

I love the way you laugh with your friends in the mornings
and the way you give high fives to everybody in the other baseball team who lost because of how good you are at baseball and winning the game for our school's team.
I love that you are so tenacious and tell people to always keep trying at their math homework.
I love the way you greet random strangers and turn them into your friend's.
I absolutely adore the way you walk with the people from class to class that seem the most loneliest.
Words can't describe how perfect you are, not to mention your attractiveness.

If only shy girls had chances with the perfect boys, then i would be the happiest girl in the world.
Till that day, i'm left here wishing I had the courage to talk to you.

I know you like surprises, so i figured out your address by talking to your friends. You should be expecting something amazing come into your mail box about Thursday, Feb. 14th.
If I could be so lucky as to have one wish in the whole world, I would wish I was not so shy so i could talk to you and give you my phone number. Though, it would only be your choice to text me or not. :/

I want you to know that even when you were kicked from the popular kid's table, I still thought of you. I think you are absolutely perfect in every aspect, and if those "popular" teenagers don't see that, then they must be blind. Because your perfection radiates from you like sun rays off the warm sun.
I wish I could be with you when you hit a home run on baseball or when you are the only one to score a 100% on a math test.
I wish I could listen to you tell your funny joke to your friend in the early morning and laugh with you.
I want to see your perfect smile.

I love you, but I'm unworthy. You are so above me, i can't even touch you.
I don't even think you know who I am.

Your secret admirer
aka the shy girl in the back left corner of our math class


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