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"I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love." -King George; Hamilton: An American Musical "You'll be back"

"Oui oui, mon ami je m'apelle Lafayette
the Lancelot of the Revolutionary set
I came from afar just to say bonsoir
tell the king casse-toi
who's the best?
c'est moi"
-Lafayette; Hamilton: An American Musical "Aaron Burr Sir"

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February 12, 2019


All these mirrors
oh the sight in front of me!
get the away

All these mirrors
I see the pain
reflecting in your eyes
waiting for your demise

All these mirrors
I see the depth
the depth of your soul
the secrets no one knows

All these mirrors
a smile made of gold
a shine I don't hold
                                    it's all fake

All these mirrors
they only portray
the outer-shell
they don't tell the story
of life's hell

All these mirrors
reflecting me
but no! not me
reflecting a facade
                        but not a personality
hiding originality
only what others see

Only I know the full story
Originally written December 14, 2018


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  • paperbird

    so glad you had the opportunity to write when you weren't here! this is a wonderful poem; keep at it!

    6 months ago
  • creativejuices09

    Whoa! This is deep! And yet very true, mirrors don't reflect our personality, just our looks, which isn't the full 'image' of who we are. I really love this piece! <3

    6 months ago